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Design e Progettazione

The idea in its entirety is monitored by the initial project until it is totally personalised to the end.

Product search

By creating the “right product” a well-focused research is necessary: market area, product type, clients target, cost and price, promotion. The support of international companies is enlisted if considered necessary to evaluate the best study. They can interact between the different departments of design, planning and production if considered necessary.

Concept ideas

“An idea or concept can make the difference”. Our concepts express all of our prescribed characteristics in advance so that the best support can be given together with the best designers, international planners and with the precious contribution of well established university teachers.


From the concept idea, the “complete collection” is obtained, by maintaining its conceptual characteristics, targeting and costs. This allows the very soul of the jewel to be enhanced. This way every model is scrupulously examined during this process, which is the heart of every collection.

Planning and engineering of the product

Giampiero Borsari follows personally every step during the phases of planning and engineering, this is a vital phase for the creation of the concept idea in all its variants and through the blending of expert craftsmen hands and avant- garde technology, finalised to obtain all finished prototypes ready to be sent to the production department on the place with the most advantageous characteristics.

Defend your Products

In order to protect the product, a legal and technical consultancy team is recommended in order to defend the product ideas from commercial exclusivity.

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