Enrico Maria Manfredi

He graduated from Art Institute B. Cellini of Valenza in 1986.

Born as a creative with strong desire to consolidate all goldsmith technical. under the education of one of the best Valenza goldsmiths, learning to make model, concretising the proper ideas on jewellery, with wearability and palpability.

First company design opens in1990, satisfyng the best jewelers of Valenza, in terms of market, research, idea concept and product engineering, studyng for their countless collections.

From 2000 untill to day, complete his full figure work becomes expert of programs to design and 3D rendered, creating an alchemy of innovation and tradition very interesting.

His passion for the art jewellery give him the passion to dedicate a portion of his time to the young people interested on this profession: teaching engegneering of product at the european institute of design in Milan in the jewel section.

Delight to partecipate in contest and exibition of jewellery, including the Luxury Design in Milan during Tree-yearly on the 2007, With the Product with the name "DICO."

In his carrer invented and created about 10,000 jewels experimenting the most different techniques goldsmith.

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